So, you have decided to retire? You have your eyes on a unit and are looking forward to retirement in a safe, secure retirement village with gardening services. What is the next step?

First of all, we provide the following information:

1.            Current valuation of the unit available to buy;

2.            Inspection report of the unit;

Now you can complete an offer for the unit, specifying if the offer is subject to the sale of property or any other special conditions. The purchase of one of our retirement units is negotiated between the developer, the previous life right holder and the prospective buyer. Our offers are valid for a period of 60 days from signature and subject to any special conditions mentioned before.

Still unsure about purchasing a unit in one of our Retirement Villages? Have a look at our testimonials and speak to the people responsible for selling units in our Retirement Villages. We can offer peaceful, tranquil units in well maintained complexes. See you soon!